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Yeah, Right

Yeah, Right. A challenging mindset to overcome when empowering construction workers. Imagine that you are an assembly line worker in the days of Henry Ford. You work in an environment where throughput is king. In other words, keep the production line moving at any cost. If you cause the line to stop for any reason,…
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Can Construction Learn from MLB?

Can Construction Learn from MLB? In a bipartisan Op-Ed piece in the NY Times, Billy Beane (Executive VP for the Oakland A’s) Secretary of State John Kerry, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (both baseball fans) argue for the use of the same type of statistical analysis currently in vogue among major league baseball teams…
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The Tribes on a Jobsite

The Tribes on a Jobsite Reflecting on the tribal nature of construction jobsites and the depth of knowledge that they represent. The tribes of the carpenters, masons, electricians, etc. have been around for over a hundred (if not hundreds) of years, much longer than most of the principle organizations in construction. Tradition runs strong in…
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