Can Construction Learn from MLB?

Can Construction Learn from MLB?

In a bipartisan Op-Ed piece in the NY Times, Billy Beane (Executive VP for the Oakland A’s) Secretary of State John Kerry, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (both baseball fans) argue for the use of the same type of statistical analysis currently in vogue among major league baseball teams for solving the country’s healthcare woes.

The following quotes may have one asking whether or not the same argument could be made about the construction industry.

On health care:

“Studies have shown that most health care is not based on clinical studies of what works best and what does not … Instead, most care is based on informed opinion, personal observation or tradition.”

And on baseball before the advent of Sabermetrics:

“For decades, executives, managers and scouts built their teams and managed games based on their personal experiences and a handful of dubious statistics.”

There are two essential elements to performing the necessary statistical analysis prescribed in the article; the data and the will to examine and use it. Construction documentation will provide the data. Do you have the will to use it?

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